piątek, 2 czerwca 2017


As we can all see and (hopefully) feel, summer time is coming soon. It is a season when we can spend more time relaxing and we usually spend the time with our family and friends or make new friendships. We also have an opportunity to try new things like extreme sports, exotic foods, culture or even a foreign language. 

Everyone has their own goals concerning where and how to spend holidays. Some of us love the mountains and others always go for the sea. There are people who cannot imagine spending a holiday in their own country, while others would never allow anyone to talk themeselves into going abroad. 

That is the reason why you should stop for a while in order to think about the place that will fulfil your requirements if you do not want to make it another torture instead of sheer enjoyment.

If you are keen of nature and you need some peace and quiet, relaxing by the lake will be the best solution. On the other hand, there are people who always look forward to experiences full of adrenaline and cannot imagine lying on the beach interchanged with slow relaxing swimming. 

No matter which type of holidaymaker you are, we are going to point out some popular destinations:

1. Madagascar

2. Zakynthos (Greece)

3. Gordes (France)

4. Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

5. Turin (Italy)

6. Hamburg (Germany)

7. London (England)

When you go abroad, it is good to know at least some useful phrases in order to be able to communicate in the most common situations. However, you can decide to learn the foreign language that is used by people living in the country that you want to go to. In that case, we highly recommend you try one of these solutions:

Our modern e-learning platform and chat for learning foreign languages: 
Direct Language Hub http://dlhub.eu/eng/ 

Direct Language Speech Trainer – a pronunciation app and interactive coursebooks: http://www.dlapp.eu/ 

Have a nice holiday! :)