wtorek, 8 listopada 2016

Free online courses

Students of the following coursebooks can use free online courses as support for their study at the language school:

- English designed with Direct Method Books 1-6 


- Teens English dw DM Books 1-3

- Español dw DM Libro 1-4 

- Deutsch dw DM Buch 1-3.

All that students need to do is:

- go to the website www.dlhub.eu and find the online course with the same title as their coursebook,

- use the discount coupon from the coursebook to obtain free access to the online course.

The online courses have been designed to revise and consolidate the material from the lessons at the language school. They are not self-learning tools, which means that they cannot be used in place of a normal language course at the school.

Each exercise is ascribed to a particular unit in the coursebook and students receive many extra hours of learning free of charge!

How to start using the online course:

1. REGISTRATION. Visit the website www.dlhub.eu, choose the LANGUAGE of the website (click on the flag at the top of the screen), register a new account and click the ACTIVATION LINK received by email.

2. GAIN ACCESS. After logging into the program, go to the COURSES FOR BOOKS menu and click the DISCOUNT COUPON button next to the online course with the same title as the coursebook.

3. DISCOUNT COUPON. In order to use the course for free, find the discount coupon printed in the coursebook, type it into the field DISCOUNT COUPON, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the NEXT button.

How to start learning:

1. START YOUR COURSE. After logging into the program, go to the COURSES FOR BOOKS menu and click the START YOUR COURSE button.

2. LEVEL. If you wish to use a level higher than Book 1, first click the SETTINGS button, then choose the appropriate level e.g. BOOK 3 and click SAVE.

3. REVISION. After clicking START YOUR COURSE, the student will be in the REVISION mode, in which the program automatically displays the tasks solved under the passing score during the previous visit (these tasks are displayed in red in PROGRESS).

4. NEW MATERIAL. When revision is finished, the program automatically takes you to the NEW MATERIAL mode, in which you solve new tasks (starting from the place where you stopped during the previous visit).

Enjoy your courses on the Direct Language Hub platform!